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One of the best ways to protect your engine is to schedule regular changes of your oil and oil filter. Bring your car or truck to our Fresno auto shop for fast, expert oil change service, which includes:

  • Adding up to five quarts of oil
  • Installing a new oil filter, if necessary
  • Lubricating the vehicle’s chassis
  • Checking and topping off other fluids 

Our prices beat any in the surrounding area, plus our mechanics will visually inspect other systems in your car to catch problems early. Quick oil change businesses don’t offer this level of service. 

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Save your vehicle’s engine with regular oil changes every 3,000 miles

Check your owner’s manual first for the manufacturer’s recommended schedule for a car oil change. Most experts advise oil changes every 3,000 miles or every three months, whichever comes first, but this is a general guideline—other factors may affect how often you need an oil change, such as the type of roads you normally drive on, the age of your vehicle, and your driving habits. Our professional service staff will help create a schedule for regular oil changes that combines the service with other maintenance appointments. 

Oil changes protect your car by:

  • Keeping contaminants from accumulating in the engine
  • Absorbing excess heat and redistributing that heat
  • Lubricating all parts of the engine with a layer of oil
  • Protecting the engine from corrosion and rust

Types of Oils We Use

The type of oil that’s right for you depends on the age, the mileage, and the usage of the vehicle. In general, most cars and trucks are being driven much longer than in the past. If a car or truck has more than 75,000 miles on it, a high-mileage blend of oil should be used to continue to protect the engine.

Goodguys uses the best oils on the market: Valvoline motor oils for all vehicles. 

  • Valvoline Premium Conventional
  • Valvoline Synthetic Blend
  • Valvoline Full Synthetic Oil

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Fresno Oil Change FAQs

What are some signs that my car may need an oil change?

In between regular oil changes, check the oil yourself at every gas fill-up. Look for:

  • Flecks on the dipstick
  • Darker than normal oil
  • Low oil level on the dipstick
  • Unusual or loud noises
  • An illuminated “check engine” light

Will an oil change improve my gas mileage?

Yes, a regular schedule of oil changes improves your car’s gas mileage. With fresh, clean oil lubricating the metal parts throughout the engine, friction and the accumulation of heat is kept to a minimum. This allows the engine to work more efficiently with less work. That equals less gas!

Should I use conventional or synthetic oil?

Here are the major differences:
Conventional oil

  • Lower cost
  • Refined from crude oil
  • Available in wide range of viscosity grades
  • Gives better protection to engine with 75,000 + miles
  • Degrades in harsh conditions

Synthetic oil

  • Chemically engineered
  • Few impurities
  • Performs well in harsh weather
  • Better engine protection against rusting and corrosion
  • Longer between oil changes

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