Auto AC Repair & Service in Clovis, CA

Don’t wait until summer is at its hottest to get that noisy AC fan checked out. Your vents could be blowing warm air soon, so make an appointment at Goodguys auto repair shop in Clovis. Our professional, experienced mechanics will diagnose the problem and then suggest the best solution to fix it. The AC unit may need a car AC recharge, which is quick and easy. 

But if the car is overheating, or the windows are fogging up, a more extensive repair may be necessary. The AC compressor may be faulty, which can be expensive and time-consuming to fix. Goodguys offers a full menu of auto AC repair work. 

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AC Diagnostics and Preventative Maintenance at Goodguys

Without regular AC maintenance and preventative care, your vehicle’s AC system loses about five percent of its efficiency each year. Check your car owner’s manual to find out how you can slow this loss. Then ask our service staff to schedule regular inspections of the AC system to pinpoint small problems before they become major issues.

Goodguys offers diagnostics and preventative care on all parts of your car’s AC and heating systems. This covers everything from the electronic components to the disposal of the old refrigerant. The Goodguys AC specialists will look for leaks and other signs of trouble ahead, diagnose any problems, and suggest the appropriate remedies.

Goodguys High-Tech Diagnostic Equipment

Our technicians have been trained on the latest high-tech diagnostic and repair equipment in the industry. They will get an accurate picture of your AC system, including:

  • Low coolant. If the AC system isn’t blowing cold or the refrigerant appears to be low, all that may be needed is to recharge the AC. This means adding new refrigerant to the system so it will blow cold air again.
  • Leaks. First, we’ll check for leaks or other damage in the system. If none are found, the refrigerant in the AC system will be evacuated and new refrigerant will be added. Finally, the system will be tested.
  • Filter. The filter will be checked and changed if necessary. The filter keeps contaminants from the air you are breathing in the car, and from the AC system. A clogged filter also leads to increased gas usage.

Bring Your Vehicle to Your Clovis Goodguys AC Experts 

Expect nothing but the best when you bring your car or truck to Goodguys in Clovis for top-quality auto AC and heating repair and service. Our technicians will inspect your AC and diagnose any problems before they become bigger and more expensive to fix. If you haven’t already done so, add an air conditioning inspection to your list of routine maintenance work. Ask our service professionals to set a schedule of routine AC maintenance checks for your vehicle today.

And, don’t forget to check our specials page for the latest deals to make your service as affordable as possible. Experience the Goodguys’ difference!

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Clovis Auto AC Repair FAQs

When do I need auto AC repair?

The most obvious sign you need car air conditioning repair is when your vehicle’s AC system won’t blow cold air. Still, that isn’t the only indicator that your air conditioning system needs attention. Watch out for:

  • Strange noises. Is your air conditioner making “clicking” or “rattling” sounds? The cause could be as straightforward as a foreign object stuck in the system. However, these sounds can also point to more severe issues, such as condenser problems.
  • Unusual odors. Sometimes, a car’s AC system can start smelling musty. If this happens, it could mean that your system is having trouble draining. This could lead to mold or mildew growing in the system. Therefore, you shouldn’t ignore a musty smell, particularly if you have asthma, allergies, or other respiratory issues.
  • A damp car interior. Along with its primary function, your vehicle’s AC system acts as a dehumidifier. As it pulls moisture from the air and allows it to drain outside your car, you may spot water dripping from under your vehicle when the system is running. If that water can’t drain as it should, the moisture may go back into your car instead.

Have you noticed any of these red flags? If so, set up an appointment with Goodguys Tires & Auto Repair for AC repair in Clovis today.

What is the function of an AC compressor?

The AC compressor is a vital component of your car’s AC system. Its role is to keep refrigerant flowing while pressurizing the rest of the system.

An AC compressor that has begun to wear out can keep the entire system from functioning correctly. The temperature of the cooled air could start becoming warmer. Or, your AC system could stop blowing cool air entirely. You may also start hearing strange squealing or grinding sounds. At that point, it’s probably time to replace your compressor.

When should I plan to get a car AC recharge?

There is no predetermined schedule for getting an AC recharge because your AC system is judged based on performance. If your air conditioning system is still blowing cool air with no other issues, there’s no need to get it serviced. However, consider taking your car to our Clovis auto shop for service if your system can’t blow cool air or you’ve noticed other problems.

Our technicians can examine the condition of your compressor and the level of refrigerant in your system. If you need more refrigerant, we’d be happy to provide the AC recharge service you’re looking for.

Can I recharge my own AC?

Most auto parts stores offer DIY car AC recharge kits, and it can be tempting to want to save money by doing this job yourself. However, this job isn’t as easy as many motorists think, as different vehicles have different refrigerant needs. Overcharging can damage your system and be expensive to fix. If that wasn’t enough, substances found in certain recharge kits can clog your compressor and other AC system components.

With this in mind, we recommend leaving AC recharges to the professionals. Our technicians are ASE certified, and their work won’t risk violating your warranty. We also offer highly affordable rates and a selection of auto service coupons.