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When you’re looking for brand-name tires for your vehicle, Goodguys is here to help! No matter what kind of tires you need, our professional tire mechanics will help you find the best tire for the best price. We also provide preventative maintenance and repair for your tires, from rotating tires to fixing flats.

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Tires wear out eventually, even when they are well cared for. You can get the most out of your tires by having them inspected regularly. However, tires generally need to be replaced after about ten years.

When you’re shopping for tires in Fresno, start by using our online tire selector. Then, Goodguys can help you choose the right ones. Factors like the climate, road surfaces, your driving habits, and your expectations for the tires should be considered. We will help you get the best tire deals, too!

Tire Maintenance and Repairs in Fresno

Preventative maintenance is critical for getting the most use from your tires. After all, the tires are the only part of the car in contact with the road, so the safety of everyone in and around the car depends on how well they are maintained.

Signs of Tire Problems

Visually inspecting your tires and paying attention to how your car handles will alert you to many tire problems. Watch out for these signs in particular:

    • Feathering: When the raised section of the tread on a tire is worn smoother on one side and sharper on the other, it is called feathering. This is caused by improper alignment settings.
    • Cracking or bulging: Underinflated tires will do this if you hit potholes or curbs. To prevent this, use a tire protectant when you wash the car and keep the tires properly inflated.
    • Cupping or scalloping: This is caused by a suspension system that is worn or damaged. The car bounces unevenly because the shocks or struts are worn, causing uneven pressure scallops in the tires.

Make an appointment at your Fresno Goodguys if you need assistance with the wear on your tires. And check out our coupons and savings on tire maintenance or new tires here!


Tire Services At Our Fresno Tire Shop

Here are some of the tire services provided by our ASE-certified specialists:

Tire Rotation

Keeping the tires rotated promotes even tread wear, better handling on the road, and improved performance from your car. Your tires are an investment on your part, so it’s to your advantage to get as much use from them as possible. Check your owner’s manual for recommendations on how frequently your tires should be rotated.

Our tire specialists can look for obvious tire problems but will also pinpoint small issues and correct them early. They will then discuss what they find with you and help you decide on the best course of action.

Flat Tire Repair

Goodguys Tires & Auto Repair strictly adheresFree Flat Tire Repair Tire Works to the guidelines provided by the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) when repairing tires. This guarantees the quality of all tires repaired at Goodguys.

Our tire mechanics remove flats from the rim so they can inspect the inside of the tire, too. What may seem like a simple repair caused by a nail in the tread can have serious damage hidden inside the tire. For this reason, all tire repairs at Goodguys involve removing the tire. A patch is then applied over the plug in order to seal the inner liner. A properly repaired tire can then continue to be used safely.

Tire Balancing

Tires that are unbalanced cause a vehicle to be less manageable on the road. The steering is more difficult to control, and the tires develop bald spots and uneven tread wear. To balance tires, the technicians apply small weights to the wheels when the tires are installed. This makes sure the weight of the car is distributed evenly across all four tires. Periodically, these weights need to be adjusted to maintain balance.

If tires aren’t balanced, it can cause vibrations in the steering wheel, especially at high speeds. Unbalanced tires and the resulting vibration can also damage a car’s suspension system.

Wheel Alignment

The wheel alignment is the position of the wheels relative to your car. If the wheels are not aligned properly, they will resist steering, leading to poor gas mileage and uneven tire wear. Wheel alignment service at Goodguys in Fresno can be added to your regularly scheduled maintenance work. Bring your car in for its regular oil change and get the tires aligned at the same time.

Fresno Tire Shop FAQs

Why is Goodguys the best place for tires and tire repairs?

As the best tire shop in Fresno, CA, we have expert tire mechanics, top-notch customer service staff, and a large selection of tires. Our goal is to help you get the best tire deals while ensuring your tires keep you on the road as safely as possible. We will: Save you money by offering daily coupons and savings Provide discounts and promotional prices from top tire manufacturers Beat any local competitor’s advertised price Goodguys welcomes you back time after time with records of all your purchases, vehicle repairs, and maintenance appointments. We want to build a working relationship with you and be part of your car care team. Trust us to do the best for you! Schedule an appointment at Goodguys today!

What is standard tire pressure?

The average is between 30 to 35 pounds per square inch, although it’s more important to find your car’s specified pressure set by the manufacturer. You can find this in your owner’s manual or inside the driver’s-side door.

What is a TPMS?

A Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is an automatic alert system with a light on your dashboard that will alert you when the tire pressure is low. Most cars manufactured after 2006 have a TPMS. One of the biggest causes of unnecessary tire wear is low tire pressure. Luckily, it is easily prevented by simply paying attention to the TPMS and checking the tire pressure yourself on a regular basis.

Can I just add air when a tire has low pressure?

By the time a tire looks low, it’s probably been underinflated for a while. It’s a good idea to check the air pressure in your tires at least once a month, using a good tire gauge. To get an accurate reading, check when the tires are cold. If you need help with a tire gauge, one of our service staff will show you how to use it. And they will be glad to check your tire’s air pressure too!

What is the purpose of rotating tires?

Simply put, rotating tires from one wheel assembly to another evens out the wear on each tire. Tires wear differently depending on where they are on a car. Front and rear tires wear differently. Driving habits of car owners, such as taking fast curves or carrying a lot of weight in the rear of the car, also affect tire wear. Moving the tires from one wheel to another evens out this wear. This allows your tires to last longer and gives you a smoother ride.Check with your Fresno Goodguys for advice on how often this should be done on your car!

Do I have to replace all four tires at once?

Ideally, yes. But customers sometimes can’t afford to. In that case, it’s best to buy two new tires that match the ones you aren’t replacing. Then, place the new tires on the rear of the car and put the older tires on the front. Don’t forget our tire coupons when you need tires!

Where should new tires go on the car?

Placing new tires on the rear of the car will provide maximum stability. When you buy tires, the Goodguys tire specialists are there to provide advice on placement and maintenance.

My tire has a puncture. Do I have to replace it, or can I repair it?

Let our tire mechanic look at the tire. This involves taking it off the wheel and checking for damage inside the tire. Some damage can only be seen that way. Then, the mechanic will recommend either replacing it or repairing it. Here are some general guidelines on this. Repairing a tire is possible when: There’s a puncture in the tread area and it’s less than ¼ inch (6 mm) No other gashes or cuts are longer than ¼ inch The tire’s steel belt has not been damaged No earlier repairs have been done in the same area of the new puncture

What’s the difference between tire alignment and balancing?

Alignment adjusts how your car’s wheels sit when mounted on the car. Balancing perfectly distributes the weight of the tire and its wheel assembly. The purpose of both alignment and balancing is to provide the smoothest ride possible and protect the tire tread.
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