Vehicle Tune-Ups, Engine Diagnostics, and Repair

One of the wonders of the on-board computers in vehicles today is the close monitoring they do to let you know when something is not working correctly. Whether your engine has an issue that requires repair, your vehicle needs a tune-up, or there is just a faulty sensor, the computer in your vehicle will trigger the check engine light. When this is illuminated, make an appointment at your nearest Goodguys Tires & Auto Repair to let our team run an engine diagnostic.

Check Engine Light Diagnostic and Engine Repair by Expert Mechanics

check engine lightWhen your check engine light comes on, our team of expert technicians will be able to run a quick diagnostic check on your engine and recommend whatever tune-up or repair you may need. Our crew of mechanics is the best of the best when it comes to all auto care needs, with years of experience in vehicle service. You can trust our ASE-Certified technicians with all of your check engine diagnostics, tune-up needs, and engine repairs.

With systems as complex as those in your vehicle’s engine, it is essential to let professional mechanics take a look at the first sign of something not working correctly. While a check engine light could just indicate a minor issue, it is always best to get an expert opinion. The team here at our Fresno auto shop will be able to let you know exactly what is not working properly and get it repaired in no time.

Engine Repair

Because the engine is the workhorse of the vehicle, there are a number of systems that may wear down and need repair. The ASE-Certified technicians at Goodguys Tires & Auto Repair offer several engine repair services that will keep your engine running smoothly. Our crew will quickly run a check engine light diagnostic and get your engine repaired in no time.

Though we handle a variety of engine repair services, some of the most common issues that we see and repair are:

  • Ignition issues
  • Burned out wiring
  • Loss of coolant
  • Worn spark plugs
  • Compressor issues
  • Malfunctioning fuel injectors
  • Misfiring combustions

No matter what your repair needs may be, our team of experts will have your engine back up and running smoothly in no time.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs Engine Repair or Service

Your vehicle is great about letting you know when something is not working properly through a series of complex warning lights and systems. However, there are some additional signs to watch out for that indicate that you need engine repair or a tune-up. In addition to an illuminated check engine light, some of the signals that your vehicle needs expert attention are:

  • Rough idling: Rough idling could be an indicator that your spark plugs are burning out or the wiring has an issue.
  • Delayed or failed ignition: There are a number of issues that could cause the engine to be slow to start or to fail ignition. Whether the cause is a faulty starter or bad wiring, it’s important to have a tune-up or repair when your vehicle has difficulty starting.
  • Stalling out: This could be a sign that your alternator needs attention, or it could be several other issues that require engine repair.
  • Strange noises: A knocking or loud banging noise is usually an indicator that something is not operating correctly in your engine.
  • Decrease in fuel efficiency: If your engine is consuming higher amounts of fuel than usual, it is typically a sign that you need engine repair or tune-up.
  • Loss of acceleration power: If you feel a lack or loss of power while accelerating, the most common cause is a clogged fuel filter or engine air filter. Clogged filters reduce combustibility within your engine and require repair.

Whether you are seeing any of these signals from your vehicle, or your check engine light is illuminated and the issue is not immediately apparent, our crew of auto pros can run a check engine light diagnostic, tune-up, or whatever engine repair you need.

Keep Up with Your Preventive Maintenance with Regular Tune-Ups

engine repairAs a part of your regular maintenance, a periodic tune-up is necessary to keep your engine running well. Though a tune-up is not needed as often as you have your oil changes or tire services, a tune-up should be part of your regular routine. Depending on the age and type of your vehicle, you should look at a tune-up every 10,000 to 100,000 miles.

Consistently maintaining your engine can help prevent a major, more costly engine repair later on. It is much better to stay on top of regular maintenance than to have a costly engine repair from a preventable issue down the road.

What Is a Tune-Up?

A modern tune-up involves a full check and some minor engine repairs to keep your vehicle’s engine running smoothly. A tune-up from Goodguys Tires & Auto Repair will involve:

  • Checking spark plugs
  • Inspecting the spark plug wiring
  • Checking the engine fuel filter
  • Checking the engine air filter
  • Check the engine light diagnostic

The purpose of a tune-up from Goodguys Tires & Auto Repair is to optimize your engine’s performance and keep everything running correctly. By letting our crew keep on top of your vehicle’s tune-up services, you can help prevent a major issue from occurring in the future.

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When your check engine light is on and you need some type of engine repair or service, don’t panic. Goodguys Tires & Auto Repair has you covered for all of your engine repair and tune-up needs. Schedule an appointment today and let our crew help keep your vehicle’s engine running smoothly.

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