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Is it time for your vehicle’s oil change service? Come to Goodguys in Sanger for fast, affordable, and expert service.

Getting an oil change on a regular basis is one of the most effective preventative maintenance tasks you can do. To keep your car’s engine running well, it must have clean oil. Be sure to check your oil at least once a month.  

Goodguys Tires & Auto Repair in Sanger has the best prices in the area, along with ASE-certified auto mechanics who are professional and experienced.

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A car or truck engine needs regular attention to stay in top condition and keep you on the road. With Goodguys’ preventative service you can be sure that your car’s engine is given superior protection. We offer Valvoline oils suitable for every vehicle.

We inspect the system and:

  • Add up to five quarts of oil
  • Install a new oil filter, if necessary
  • Lubricate the vehicle’s chassis
  • Check and top off other fluids 

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Today’s recommendations on the frequency of oil changes

The advice on the frequency of oil changes can be confusing. Experts have long recommended oil changes for most cars every 3,000 miles or every three months. Modern cars, though, can often go much longer between oil changes. You can check your owner’s manual for your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations, or come into our Sanger location—our oil change experts will be glad to recommend the oil change schedule that’s just right for your car or truck. 

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Oil Change Service FAQs

Should I check my oil myself? How often?

Make it a practice to check your oil at least once a month, or more often if you routinely drive in adverse conditions. If you notice it’s low or it looks especially dirty, don’t wait to come into our Sanger location for a change of oil and oil filter.

What should I look for when I check my oil?

  • Flecks on the dipstick
  • Darker than normal oil
  • Low oil level on the dipstick
  • Unusual or loud noises
  • The “check engine” light is on

What does clean oil do for a car’s engine?

An oil change accomplishes the following:

  • Clears out dirt and debris
  • Redistributes and absorbs excess heat buildup
  • Protects the engine from rust and corrosion
  • Places a layer of oil over all parts of the engine

Does the oil filter have to be changed frequently?

You may save a few dollars by skipping an oil filter replacement, but the filter is an essential part of protecting your engine. Over time, the filter becomes less and less effective at catching the dirt and debris that oil moves throughout your engine. The combination of dirty oil and a clogged filter can spell disaster, so don’t ignore this basic maintenance task.