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Our Visalia Brake Shops Offers Multiple Brake Repair Services

When you are searching for brake shops in Visalia, come see Goodguys for the best brake services and brake repair in the area! 

Our goal is to make sure your car or truck is safe for you, your family, and everyone on the road with you. We provide a free brake inspection that will identify any potential problem before it becomes a safety issue. Regularly scheduled maintenance checks offer the most effective way to ensure your safety as well as safeguard against expensive, time-consuming brake repairs or brake replacements later. 

Our brake inspections include:

  • Brake fluid flush and replacement
  • Resurfacing of brake drums and/or brake rotors  (where applicable)
  • Brake pad replacement and/or shoes
  • Lubrication of brake calipers and hardware
  • Inspecting and repacking wheel bearings (if applicable)

Your driving habits, the type of brake pads on your vehicle, the driving conditions in our area, and the type of roads you generally drive on determine how your brakes wear. All of these factors then determine how often you need brake service or repair. Auto experts recommend your car’s brakes be inspected every 6,000 miles or six months, whichever comes first. If you notice any braking problems in between inspections, it is critical to have your vehicle inspected and diagnosed immediately. Bring your vehicle in today for a free brake check! 

Goodguys Tires & Auto Repair is well-known for its competitive pricing, plus we offer coupons and discounts every day. Check these savings every time you come to our Visalia brake shop location because our coupons change often. We want to save you money at the same time we are making sure your car is safe to drive.

Our Visalia Brake Shop Locations:

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Goodguys Offers Both Minor and Major Brake Repairs

Some of the most common brake problems are rotors that are warped or worn, brake shoes or pads that haven’t been replaced, or leaks in brake lines. A schedule of regular maintenance can catch these early. 

Our ASE-certified mechanics can perform all minor or major brake repairs and replacements, including:

  • Brake fluid flush and replacement
  • Brake rotors and/or drums resurfaced (where applicable)
  • New, premium-grade brake pads and/or shoes installed 
  • Each brake caliper and related hardware lubricated
  • Wheel bearings lubricated and repacked  (if applicable)
  • Leaks in the brake lines repaired

Red Flags That Your Brakes Need Repair

Your brakes may need repair if you notice any of the following:

  • The brake indicator light on the dashboard illuminates
  • You hear noticeable sounds like grinding, squealing or thumping
  • You experience less resistance in the brake pedal when trying to stop
  • Your vehicle starts to pull to one side when you brake
  • You notice yellow brake fluid underneath your vehicle
  • The brake pedal vibrates when you press on the brake
  • You need more distance to stop

Come to our Visalia auto shop to have our brake mechanics check your entire brake system. It may be a minor problem that can be repaired quickly and inexpensively. 

Driver neglect is the most common cause of systems failure in a vehicle. Don’t wait! 

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Visalia Brake Shop Service FAQs

What are the two main brake system types?

At the most basic level, there are two types of brake systems: disc brakes and drum brakes. Not all components are identical across these systems, but they are both responsible for slowing or stopping your car.

Some standard brake components include:

  • Brake lines
  • Brake drums (for drum brakes)
  • Brake rotors (for disc brakes)
  • Brake shoes (for drum brakes)
  • Brake calipers (for disc brakes)
  • Wheel speed sensors
  • Brake pedals
  • Brake pads (for disc brakes)
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS) modules
  • Master cylinders
  • Brake boosters

How does a brake system operate?

The first step you’ll need to take to activate your brake system is a literal one—that is, pressing down on your brake pedal. From there, your system’s components will work together to reduce your vehicle’s speed.

In a disc brake system, activating the brake pedal causes a plunger to press against your master cylinder. From that point, brake fluid goes through the brake lines until it reaches the brake calipers. These calipers, located in the wheels, create friction between the rotors and brake pads. That friction is what ultimately stops your vehicle.

Drum brake systems are broadly similar, but they replace the rotors with brake drums and the brake pads with brake shoes. That means the brake shoe is what presses against the master cylinder in these systems.

What are some common signs of brake trouble?

It’s not always easy to spot the symptoms of brake problems. However, any of the following factors may indicate you need brake repair:

  • A sense of vibration in the pedal while braking
  • Unpleasant sounds (such as “grinding” noises)
  • Decreased brake pedal resistance
  • Brake fluid leakage (as indicated by yellow puddles on the ground)

Once you notice issues like these, it’s crucial not to ignore them. While it may feel like you can safely leave your brake system alone for the time being, these brake problems will only get worse the longer they affect your vehicle. To avoid a more expensive fix later on, head to Visalia’s Goodguys shop!

When do I need brake pad replacement?

Since brake pads are meant to create friction, it’s no surprise that they can eventually wear out. Common indicators that your brake pads are due for replacement include:

  • Clicking noises from one or more loose calipers
  • Squealing noises from the system’s wear indicator
  • Slower braking than normal
  • The vehicle pulls to one side while braking

When should I look for Visalia brake shops?

If you notice any of the brake problems described above in your vehicle, there’s an excellent chance that it’s time to schedule a brake service. Otherwise, you should take your car in for a brake check-up if your brake lights are on or if you have not had this system looked at recently.

No matter what brake services you need in or around Visalia, Goodguys Tires & Auto Repair can help. Let us flush and replace your brake fluid, resurface your brake drums or rotors, replace worn brake pads or shoes, and provide other services related to your brake system. Making an appointment is easy—fill out our online form today!