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If your car’s AC isn’t putting out cold air, make an appointment at our auto repair shop in Visalia for an AC diagnostic inspection now! Don’t wait until the hottest California months are here. A quick AC repair like a recharge may be all your AC unit needs.

Maybe the car is overheating, the windows fogging up, or the AC fan rattling. Whatever the issue, Goodguys offers the best car AC repair. Our expert AC mechanics can work on your AC compressor or any other component of the system so you can be back on the road in comfort!

Experience the best customer service in the area; make an appointment now and let us show you the Goodguys difference.

Auto Air Conditioning Repair Diagnostics Services Goodguys

From the AC system’s electronic components to the disposal of the old refrigerant, Goodguys offers diagnostics and preventative maintenance on all parts of auto AC repair and car heating systems. We will look for leaks and other indications of trouble ahead, diagnose the problem and suggest the appropriate remedy.

Without regular maintenance like this, your vehicle’s AC system loses about five percent of its efficiency each year. You can slow this loss with your attention and professional help. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual will outline the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. Our mechanics will also be glad to help you determine the best service schedule based on their knowledge of your car.

Our air conditioning mechanics have access to the latest auto AC diagnostic and AC repair equipment for a thorough look at your car’s air conditioning system, including:

  • If the AC system isn’t cooling properly or the refrigerant appears low, it may be time for a car AC recharge service. A recharge means adding new refrigerant to the system to have it run optimally and blow cold air again.
  • Our air conditioning mechanics will first check the system for leaks or damages that need repairing. If there is nothing untoward found, we’ll evacuate the existing refrigerant. Then, we’ll add the correct refrigerant and vacuum-test the system.
  • Your AC system’s filter affects the entire system’s performance. The cabin air filter keeps dust, pollen, and other air pollutants out of the air inside the car. These pollutants include exhaust fumes, dirt, dust, pollen, bugs, and leaves. The cabin air filter also keeps this material out of the vehicle’s AC system. If the filter is clogged, the blower motor has to work harder. This extra work can cause it to overheat, and eventually, it could fail. Plus, you will turn your AC up higher to compensate, which means you will be using more gas.

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The expert mechanics at Goodguys will provide top-quality car AC and heating repair and service, as well as any other auto service needs you may have. It is also our mission to make your service as affordable as possible. Check our specials page for the latest deals to help you save even more.

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Visalia Auto AC Repair FAQs

When do I need AC repair?

One of the main signs that your vehicle’s AC system could use a check is when your AC system blows warm air. A few other factors that can point to AC problems in your car include:

  • Dampness in your vehicle. Along with cooling your car, the AC system functions as a dehumidifier. If you’ve ever noticed water pooling under your vehicle when you park with the AC running, this is why. If that water gets blocked at some point in the system, it is forced back into the car. That, in turn, may lead to mildew and mold formation.
  • Unusual odors. Since mildew and mold can grow in poorly functioning AC systems, you may also notice an unpleasant smell coming from your system.
  • Strange noises. Clicks or rattles from your AC system can point to several issues. These could be as serious as condenser problems or as minor as debris stuck in the AC.

Can I do my own AC repair work?

If you’re a handy Visalia resident, you may be tempted to forgo the “standard” AC repair process and take care of the job on your own. However, we wouldn’t recommend taking that approach to car care. These days, AC systems are computer-controlled and more complicated than ever before.

Instead, take your vehicle to a reputable AC repair shop in Visalia like Goodguys Tire & Auto Repair. We’ll fix your malfunctioning AC system while keeping your costs as low as possible. To save even more on your next AC repair, look at our selection of coupons.

When should I think about getting an AC recharge?

While there isn’t a predetermined service schedule for AC systems, you don’t actually need one. Instead, take your vehicle into our Visalia auto shop for service whenever you notice that your AC is acting up. When you do, we’ll take whatever steps are needed to get your AC system back online.

What AC services can I get from Goodguys in Visalia?

There’s no end to the AC repair services our crew can handle. Choose us for:

  • AC recharges
  • AC repair
  • AC system leak repairs
  • AC system inspections

Goodguys has a long history of helping people in Visalia and beyond take care of their vehicles. We’ve been around since 1976 and have the loyal customers to prove it.

Do I really need to replace my AC filter regularly?

One of the components in your car’s AC system is a filter, which keeps contaminants from getting into the vehicle’s cabin. This filter blocks things like pollen, dust, and dirt.Like other filters in your vehicle, this filter can become less effective over time. When your AC filter becomes clogged, the rest of the system must push itself harder—which can cause motor burnout if left unchecked. To avoid this outcome, schedule an appointment at Goodguys for preventative AC maintenance today!