What to Know About Tire Repair and Tire Replacement in Fresno

Tire Repair & Replacement in Fresno

In a car, tires equal safety. It’s that simple. After all, they are the only parts of the car that actually touch the road. When viewed in that context, all four of a vehicle’s tires need to be in top condition. 100% of the time.

Most drivers know that tire pressure is important, flats can sometimes be repaired, tread wear is often uneven from wheel to wheel, and that tires do wear out eventually. But being well informed about a critical component of your car is more than knowing just the bare minimum.

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Tire Repair and Tire Replacement

Some tires can be repaired while others must be replaced. But what’s the criteria for each?

Tire Repair

The first source of guidance on whether to repair or replace comes from the tire manufacturer. It will also depend on where on the tire the damage is and how severe it is. Click here for the guidelines on repairing or replacing.

Keep in mind, too, the tire mechanic must remove the tire from the rim. The inside of the tire must be inspected to determine any unseen damage. On-the-wheel repairs are not recommended and are considered temporary.

You may have heard of run-flat tires, which are tires you can still drive on after a puncture. It’s a safety feature to ensure drivers can make it to a tire shop to fix the tire. Ask your Goodguys tire specialist for the pros and cons.

Tire Replacement

If it’s time to pick out new tires, you should consider things like cost, the manufacturer’s recommendation, how many miles you want to get out of them, and whether you are switching to a new size or brand.

Did you ever think about how much weight a tire can support? A car tire that is newly inflated can support up to 3,000 pounds of weight. That’s about the average weight of 15 men, if you could get them in the vehicle! Tires are built to carry weight.

Goodguys sells major brands of tires in all price ranges. Visit our tire shop today when you need to shop for tires!

Tire Maintenance Is Essential

Just like going to your doctor for a routine checkup, preventative maintenance comes first. There are things you can do every day to keep your tires in pristine condition.

Understanding Tire Pressure

You may already know that underinflated tires are the number one cause of tire problems. This is because without enough pressure, tires create more friction on the road, which leads to overheating. Overinflating tires causes tread to wear unevenly, which can also cause tires to overheat and can lead to blowouts. Both under- and overinflation will severely lessen the life of your tires.

It’s impossible to read the pressure in a tire by simply looking at it. You might notice that a tire looks low or has bulges, but by then it may already be too late to save it. Or you may get on the road with a tire in that condition and experience a flat or blowout. But that shouldn’t happen if preventative measures are being taken.

Look on the inside door jamb on the driver’s side of your car for the recommended PSI level for your tires. Buy a good tire gauge and check the tire pressure weekly. Ask for help if you don’t know how to use it. Check more often if you’re leaving on a trip of any length. Bring the car in to our tire mechanics if you are unsure about anything concerning the tires on your vehicle.

What about the spare? Many car companies no longer include a spare in the car. Check your vehicle to ensure you have one, and if you don’t, carry a patch kit.

Here’s a little known fact: You can see a difference of as much as 7 PSI in tire pressure between winter and summer months. This is due to water vapor in the air in your tires that reacts to temperature changes. If you fill your tires with nitrogen, like airplanes do, there won’t be any fluctuation. Why? There is no water vapor in nitrogen.

Check the Tread on Your Tires

The tread on a tire also tells a story, one you need to pay attention to! Walk around the car weekly and look at the tread on each tire. By the way, these tread lines are called sipes. Look for:

  • Uneven tread wear
  • Bald spots
  • Objects in the tire

If you see evidence of any of these conditions, the investment you made in the tires is being eroded. Make an appointment at Goodguys as soon as possible.

According to the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA), acceptable tread depth is 2/32 of an inch. But when was the last time you measured your tire tread?Our Tire Shop Guide includes a simple tread test using a penny that you could try at home.

Inspect the Valve Stems on Your Tires

If a tire looks low, it may have a leaking valve stem. The stem opens to allow you to fill your tires with air. Valve stems can get dirty or have some unseen damage which will cause the tire to lose air.

In order to have all the facts before you make an appointment at Goodguys for a low or leaking tire, check the stem. Try this:

  • Fill a small dish with dish soap and water.
  • Take the valve stem cap off.
  • Rub a mixture of the dish soap and water over the uncapped valve stem with your finger.
  • If bubbles begin to form, air is escaping and the valve is leaking.
  • If no air escapes, there is another slow leak elsewhere in the tire.

A leaking valve stem is often viewed as a DIY project. It is possible, but it involves the issue of safety, and replacing the stem requires the proper tools and time. The tire has to be taken off the car and completely deflated for the old stem to be replaced. Instead, bring it to Goodguys and we will also inspect all the other tires.

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