Fresno Drivers: How You Can Extend Your Tires’ Lifespan

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The tires on your vehicle are the foundation of a healthy automobile and safe driving. As a vital car component, your tires represent a significant investment. When everything goes right, you may not think about your tires very often. However, your tires quickly become your top priority when something goes wrong. 

The best way to ensure your tires last as long as possible is to get ahead of wear and damage. Here’s how to make your tires last longer. 

Closely Monitor Your Tires’ Pressure

Your vehicle’s tires are designed to function at their peak with the correct tire pressure. Every vehicle requires its tires to contain a specific amount of air. Tires with the proper air pressure can function safely and efficiently. However, if the pressure is off, at best, your tires will wear down sooner than they should. At worst, it could cause a safety issue while driving. Keeping your tires at the correct pressure can help them to last as long as possible. 

We recommend checking your tire pressure at the Goodguys Tire & Auto Repair Fresno tire shop at least once a month. Most modern vehicles have a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). While this will alert you to extreme lows, keeping a manual tire gauge in your car can be valuable. Apart from your once-a-month checks, it's also a good idea to check your tire pressure when there is a drastic temperature change.  

Stay in a Routine of Tire Maintenance: Tire Rotation 

Regular tire rotation is one of the best ways to keep your tires working correctly. As you drive, the tires that bear the most weight in your vehicle will wear out more quickly. A simple timer rotation switches the position of your tires on your car. When kept as a part of your regular maintenance, tire rotation can help keep your tires in excellent condition and allow the tread to wear down evenly. 

When you have our Fresno tire shop rotate your tires, you ensure that you get the most you can out of them. You can trust our crew to keep your tires rolling as they should. 

Have Regular Tire Balancing

Tire balancing is another essential tire service we offer here at Goodguys Tire & Auto Repair in Fresno. Tire balancing is different from tire rotation. When an auto mechanic balances your tires, they redistribute each tire's weight. This redistribution allows your tires to grip the road evenly across the bottom of the tire. When necessary, tire balancing can help the tread to wear evenly, increase control, and improve stability. 

As tire balancing helps keep your tread even, it can also help your tires last longer. You will have better control and a longer tire lifespan with well-balanced tires. 

Have a Tire Shop Perform a Wheel Alignment

Closely related to tire balancing, wheel alignment adjusts the wheel's angles to optimize their performance. Each vehicle's manufacturer has a specific wheel position for its vehicle. Your wheels will move slightly out of their designated places as you drive. This can happen from road conditions, age, or driving habits. Unaligned tires can cause many driving issues, including worn-out tires. 

Our Fresno tire shop can get your tires back in their proper position and alignment in no time. We use ultra-precise instruments to put your wheels in the optimal place. 

Adjust Your Driving Habits

While natural causes can be to blame for worn-out tires, driving habits also play a significant role. If you want to get the most out of your tires and make them last as long as possible, how you drive makes a big difference. 

Here are some things to adjust as you drive: 

  • Avoid speeding
  • Resist harsh cornering and turning
  • Brake evenly (avoid slamming on your brakes)
  • Attempt to prevent road obstacles and rough terrain
  • Carry lighter hauls

Making these few adjustments to your driving can help your tires live to their fullest.

Avoid Dry Steering

Dry steering is when you turn the wheel while the vehicle is stationary. Doing this can really grind your tires and ruin your tire tread. Your wheels and tires are designed to move and turn while the vehicle is in motion. Turning the steering wheel while the car is standing still can cause severe damage to your tires, alignment, balancing, and suspension. Even though it may feel like your vehicle is capable of dry steering, it could cause severe interior damage. 

If your wheels are damaged from dry steering, our Fresno tire shop can help. 

Have Tire Repair Done Quickly

If you have a flat tire or a slow leak, the longer you wait, the more damage is done. Driving can increase the damage if there's an embedded object in your tires or a loose seal. It's best to have your tire repair done as quickly as possible. 

Let Our Crew Handle Your Fresno Tire Repair 

Our Fresno tire shop has everything you need to make your tires last as long as possible. Check out our Comprehensive Tire Shop Guide for more expert tips and advice on maintaining and prolonging the life of your tires.

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