Brake Services in Fresno: Types of Brake Repairs

Fresno mechanic performing brake repairs

Few parts of your vehicle do more to keep you and your passengers safe than your brake system. But since the average automotive brake system is extremely complex, it can develop all kinds of problems — a situation you can’t afford to ignore.

You can resolve these issues by looking for industry professionals who know a thing or two about brake repair and maintenance. When you find an auto shop that’s prepared to offer these brake services in Fresno, you’ll know your car is in good hands.

Know the Warning Signs of Brake Trouble

To determine if your brake system is in good shape, look out for these signs of brake issues:

  • An illuminated brake warning light
  • A “spongy” brake pedal
  • Unusual steering wheel vibrations
  • A burning chemical smell
  • Grinding or squealing sounds while braking
  • Pulling to the side of the road when you brake

What Tasks Should a Fresno Brake Shop Handle?

The shop you rely on for brake services in Fresno should be able to help you out with tasks such as::

Brake Inspection

Your brake repair or maintenance appointment won’t deliver the expected results if it doesn’t start with an in-depth brake inspection. It’s wise to take care of this service every 6,000 miles or six months, even if nothing seems to be wrong with your brake system. If your shop entrusts this work to ASE-certified mechanics, the work should be completed quickly.

Brake Pad Replacement

These days, most automotive brake systems utilize rotors — small discs located behind the tires. When you hit your vehicle’s brakes, your calipers (clamps positioned above the rotors) squeeze the rotors, generating friction and eventually stopping your car.

Your calipers aren’t designed to make direct contact with your rotors. Instead, they’re covered by brake pads; however, these components will eventually wear out due to the sheer amount of friction they deal with.

Resolving this issue is as easy as scheduling a brake pad replacement. It is one of the simplest brake-related tasks, taking only a few minutes to complete when handled by qualified Fresno mechanics. 

Brake Rotor Turning

Brake pads are just one brake component that needs maintenance service every so often. Rotors also wear down over time (making it harder for your car to stop) and warp due to heat exposure.

Fortunately, you might not have to replace your rotors; instead, you may be able to resurface (or “turn”) them. While handling this form of brake repair in Fresno, mechanics place your rotors on a lathe and use a sharp bit to cut into their surfaces. When they’re done, your rotors will have a smooth surface again, allowing them to work more effectively with your brake pads. ( If your rotors no longer have enough metal left for this service, you’ll need to replace them outright.)

Brake Fluid Flushes

Every driver in Fresno knows that regular oil changes are essential, but did you know that other fluids in your vehicle also need attention? That includes brake fluid, which plays a crucial role in disc and drum brake systems.

Once your brake fluid gets dirty, you should stop by a Fresno brake shop for a brake fluid flush. To provide this service, mechanics will connect a pressurized flushing machine to your brake fluid reservoir. They’ll then use this machine to pump fresh fluid into your system.

Brake Line Repairs

For your brake fluid to get from your vehicle’s master cylinder to the cylinders at each of its wheels, you’ll need a dependable brake line. If this line sustains damage, your car’s hydraulic system won’t be able to function correctly.

Since most modern brake systems feature two separate circuits, your risk of total brake line failure is much lower than it once was. That doesn’t mean you can safely turn a blind eye to partial brake line issues. It’s always best to set up a brake line repair appointment as soon as you notice warning signs that could point to this issue.

Get the Best Brake Services in Fresno

When you need brake services in Fresno, you shouldn’t leave this essential work in the hands of just any shop. Having this work handled by people who are not qualified could leave your brakes in an even worse condition. 

To avoid outcomes like these, keep an eye out for auto shops that offer benefits such as: 

  • ASE-certified mechanics: Mechanics with ASE certification are more knowledgeable than anyone else in the auto repair industry. Looking for a shop that employs these technicians should be your highest priority.
  • Ways to save money: In addition to affordably low rates, your auto shop should help you cut costs by offering valuable brake repair coupons and financing options.
  • Convenient locations: Whether you live in Fresno or nearby communities such as Clovis, Sanger, or Vsialia, your brake shop should offer locations where you are.

To get all these benefits and more, make Goodguys Tires & Auto Repair your go-to shop for brake repair and maintenance work. If you’re ready to get started, book your appointment today!

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